Thursday, December 30, 2010

A day full of realisations...

Mostly that I need to take it easy and think through my eating a little more carefully! But also the following...

* don't think just cos you have had the odd sip on an empty stomach that somehow after eating a full meal to take a swig of lemonade (yes fizzy!)...I spent the next 20 minutes in the bathroom as close to PBing as I care to get - how can one mouth produce so much saliva?

* hair loss, I was just over at Stealing Skinny's blog and I was reading a comment on her In a slump post when I realised "duh" that is why so much hair is falling out, shoot I put on a clean shirt and five minutes later it is covered in hair, I pull all that off and five minutes later...again it is covered in hair! Yes it has been only 2.5 months but the hair has obviously decided to come out early! Luckily I was blessed with a lot of hair.

Today I spent the morning/midday at my fathers house mowing lawns and weeding, and just generally being. It was his birthday today and he would have been 71.

I miss him terribly, but luckily he always was one to tell us to get off our arses and do stuff. So after laying on his couch for ten minutes I could just about hear him telling me to get up and do some actual work...and no two hours on his lawn wasnt work!

Usually right now we would be getting ready to go to his place for a BBQ for his birthday.

Last years was special because he was organising a jamboree and all his friends were there, so we organised a surprise party and all our family came. He was unlike his usual self - he was lost for words and simply said he was so humbled and proud that all his family and friends were there (he is usually MC for things like this so for him to be lost for words meant a lot).

Love you forever Dad

Friday, December 17, 2010

Second fill, same as the last....

Well not quite the same, but all was fine.

I had the fill nurse (you only get the dr every few times) and she was lovely. She checked how much I actually had in the band - turns out to be 4.6ml (including the 0.5 she put in today).

The fill really seems to have made a wee difference as even coming back from the fill my hunger had dropped (I had forgotten to eat breakfast before going at 8.45am...).

And I was lucky as we had our work Xmas lunch, drinkies etc yesterday, so I indulged a few glasses and even ate a sausage - which I have been told I should no longer eat after this fill - the BBQ season has arrived and apparently sausages are a great cause of unfill's!

I had a wee nap and am not sure if that is the reason but my eggs for dinner were more than enough and also they were a little hard to get down. But I had mushified some cheese & soft crackers earlier which was no problem, so I think the sleep had let it tighten up a bit.

This fill will keep me going through to the 20th of Jan, but I am feeling pretty good about this amount

On the weightloss side, on their scales I had lost 2.3 kilo's (5 pounds) in two weeks. I was pretty happy with that.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Just close your eyes...there is no needle. there is no needle!

Well I had my first fill yesterday...

No pain, apart from him trying to find the port. But it was all over in seconds (hubby watched). Good thing I still have quite the fat roll (and boobs) so i couldnt see it anyway!

Of course there were lots of probing questions. Mostly to get a picture of where I was and any risky behaviours (such as my love affair with open sweet items).  It was helpful having hubby there as Dr pointed out he has a part of the control in making sure these things aren’t in the house to tempt me etc (he doesnt know but hubby has in the past been the supplier of said items!). Interestingly he compared much of this to alcoholism.

I only had 0.75ml fill as he wasn’t sure if 1.00ml might be too much, so we settled in between. This means I am at 4.75ml (they put 4 mls in when the band was installed). But I have another fill in two weeks so no biggie. I will probably get another 0.5 or 0.75 which will take me to either 5.25 or 5.5 mls

Also saw the dietician afterwards and we decided that I should focus on my portion size and water consumption over the next few weeks as my portions have gotten bigger than I thought they should be...she was happy that I had lost another kilo during our time away – pretty good considering we were eating out for most meals.

So I was on soft foods following the fill, had eggs for dinner and breakfast this morning was yoghurt and cereal. Lunch was mince and mashed potato. All seems fine and so far I have had no stuck episodes so the dietician was happy with that. 

While I have definitely felt that there was a fill I still haven’t got the completely full feeling I was having at one point, but much more than last week, so I will go with that.