Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got control of my eating...by feeling sick to my stomach

This is a post I wrote two/three weeks ago.....finally feel able to post it.  Sorry I fell off the radar but it was too hard to write about stuff.

Well during the weekend I managed to get control of my eating, and as of today (Tues 5.00am) I am down to 122.6kg. I even managed to eat fish and chips on Sunday about 6.00pm, which was just as well as after 7.00pm I havent really felt like eating...

On Sunday, hubby and me went to visit the place my Dad lived for the last 10 years (he managed a camp ground) and it was a little hard emotionally as it has been two months since my Dad died, but it was so nice to be out there as it is incredibly peaceful. We spent a lot of time out there as a family.

Here we are at one of our Annual Easter Egg Hunt from a couple of years ago (They truly are more like a hike!)

So after we arrived home Sunday evening, we received a call with the news that hubby's friend had died.

Neither of us slept that night.  I cannot even fathom the pain for his family. He had been friends with hubby's family for so long, he even used to call hubby's mum on a regular basis. He was best man at our wedding and honestly I can't stop crying, a bad year for us.

We spent two weeks in the UK, attended hubby's friends funeral, visited my Dads family and despite all the eating out/over eating I came back about a kilo lighter.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Well look at that fat arse going!

So I thought I should share some comparison shots,

OK they are only a month apart but luckily I tell that my chins and stuff seem to be disappearing - a good sign!

and of course I couldnt resist

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The blimp has arrived....

I havent posted in a wee while probably because I have gained...and that was just too depressing.

I know it isnt huge and this is the first week on solids, and back at work...but the last few days I went from 122.6 up to 122.9 and then 123.1. And that is with an hour walking everyday, up a steep hill.

I do know that I seem to have no restriction and it takes heaps (comparatively) to get me full...and I have eaten too much in some meals.

But I am trying to really restrict the amount and make sure there is protein. I mean I am not just eating anything, soup and cream cheese for lunch, chicken wrap for dinner etc and I know it isnt my TOM as that was last week!

I don't get a fill until the 18th of November, that is just about 5 weeks after surgery. I think I might ring the clinic's dietician tomorrow if I go up again!