Friday, January 21, 2011

Fill number three...or not

Well I went for my fill appointment today and because of everything going on in my life we decided to put it off for another 2 weeks.

My office is being relocated into another department, and the entire move etc was only announced a few weeks before Xmas, and I managed to ignore it over the break but now we are back and it is becoming a hard reality, unfortunately we have a few staff members from a really tight team who arent coming with us, but I seem to have a list of things to do that never ends, in fact my desk space looks pretty much like this

On Tuesday's appointment I had a session and weigh in with the dietician, and a session with their physiotherapist. Both are really helpful and the physio gave me a lot of pointers with my damaged knee and back and also to ensure toning!

But to top this morning off, I had lost another 800 grams (1.7 lb), since Tuesday! So unless I am getting really hungry, a fill is probably not worth it, as I got stuck again on Wednesday night. Apparently corn is no longer on my favourites list! I think stress is making the band much tighter, not to mention it is my TOM as well.

.....Soooo about lunchtime today, I thought I would top my day off with a visit to the Dr for a few things, because that's always fun right?

I got a little something for constipation - yes I AM drinking lots of water but as it is mid summer it just doesnt seem enough.

But the good news....

She has lowered my blood pressure dosage! When she checked it it was 120/84, and that was her third try, apprently she had great problems hearing it properly. So I now take 10mg in the morning and 5 mg at night instead of 10 at both. We will check it agian in three months.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well all new experiences!

Well I went back to work this week and thought maybe that would get me back on track, as I was grazing all day.

Mon and Tues, good eating, walking up hills at lunch..... and no weight loss. I was getting quite annoyed and disappointed, but I knew I had added the protein I really needed to my diet, but it was frustrating.

Wednesday I get home from work, start on dinner - after deciding not to eat the chicken because it looked dodgy, I decide to have the three potatoes I had made with them as I was starving  - BIG MISTAKE!

Of course cooking it all for longer had made them extra crispy...and sure enough I got stuck...and stayed stuck for about an hour.

There was much sliming...oh gross, the first time it was out the nose and the mouth. And the froth...ick! After an hour I knew the worst offender had gone down but there were probably had some more there...and sure enough the next slime brought up a small amount of potatoe pieces.

I never want to do that again.

On the plus side the next morning I had lost 1.3 kilo's (2.87 pounds). I figured maybe it was all slime (and not much for dinner).

Then this morning when I hopped on the scales for weigh in day I had lost another 0.5 kilo's (1.1 pound)!!!!!

Now admittedly I did two walks of an hour each yesterday but wow I had actually gone up to 119.3 (263 pounds) after weigh in last week and then I have ended at 117.5 (259 pounds)

I was worried I might have damaged the band but it felt much better today.  But at least I feel like finally I am making progress, I was beginning to feel a little disheartened.

I came to a realisation that previously over the christmas break I had always lost weight while grazing at that I no longer am over eating the rest of the year grazing actually means I put ON weight...damn, no more happy cow grazing!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Well what do you know...a gain and 111 day challenge

As I begin my 50lbs in 111 days I realised that oops I started up on where I was earlier in December, So my starting weight for the challenge will be 119.6.

Luckily it appears the last box of chocolates has been finished, I had lots of water today and ate my actual meals, rather than grazing (which is my traditional Christmas holiday style).

One thing I have noticed is that normally for me, over the holiday period, I lose weight. And I was wondering about why this didnt seem to be the case now that I have the band.

...and I realised that while my grazing is more calories than I need, it was actually less calories than I ate at any other time of the year. Now how mind blowing is that!

Unfortunately I also discovered a few other things do not agree with the band for me
  • Christmas cake, so hubby has had to eat an entire from his mother (she makes fab cake).
  • Bacon (I got bacon and egg for breakfast this morning)
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Bread & pastry (well larger than half a slice)
So I will stock up the fridge tomorrow as it is shopping day and I know fruit will be on special and we will kick off the 111 days properly.