Friday, January 14, 2011

Well all new experiences!

Well I went back to work this week and thought maybe that would get me back on track, as I was grazing all day.

Mon and Tues, good eating, walking up hills at lunch..... and no weight loss. I was getting quite annoyed and disappointed, but I knew I had added the protein I really needed to my diet, but it was frustrating.

Wednesday I get home from work, start on dinner - after deciding not to eat the chicken because it looked dodgy, I decide to have the three potatoes I had made with them as I was starving  - BIG MISTAKE!

Of course cooking it all for longer had made them extra crispy...and sure enough I got stuck...and stayed stuck for about an hour.

There was much sliming...oh gross, the first time it was out the nose and the mouth. And the froth...ick! After an hour I knew the worst offender had gone down but there were probably had some more there...and sure enough the next slime brought up a small amount of potatoe pieces.

I never want to do that again.

On the plus side the next morning I had lost 1.3 kilo's (2.87 pounds). I figured maybe it was all slime (and not much for dinner).

Then this morning when I hopped on the scales for weigh in day I had lost another 0.5 kilo's (1.1 pound)!!!!!

Now admittedly I did two walks of an hour each yesterday but wow I had actually gone up to 119.3 (263 pounds) after weigh in last week and then I have ended at 117.5 (259 pounds)

I was worried I might have damaged the band but it felt much better today.  But at least I feel like finally I am making progress, I was beginning to feel a little disheartened.

I came to a realisation that previously over the christmas break I had always lost weight while grazing at that I no longer am over eating the rest of the year grazing actually means I put ON weight...damn, no more happy cow grazing!


Something About Kellie said...

I have had one of those horrible slimey episodes myself and it is very NASTY!!

Glad the scale is finally rewarding your exercise efforts :)

Alison said...

Fantastic loss, I love the cow picture!

THE DASH! said...

Hey Mo,
So great to hear from you - and leaving a comment was a double plus :)
The PB episode sounds horrible but we've all had at least one of those (in my case a few lol) I'm glad the offending item finally went down. Its truly the worst feeling in the world sliming.

The kitchen thing is just awful... and it must be a pain not finishing the bathroom. I refuse.. refuse!! lol to let this be the case with our huge renovation. And yeah: the tiles were expensive but they will look gorgeous! Going to post pics in a few weeks when done.

Havent had a chance to read your whole blog yet (I usually do that before becoming a follower so then I can encourage with the band) but times an issue. As soon as I'm able I promise I will read it all. Congrats on taking the step on getting the band. Awesome! Cara :)