NSV - in no particular order:

  • To be the same size or smaller than my husband
  • To be able to cross my legs comfortaly
  • To be able to go horse riding again
  • To shop in a clothing store that doesnt have a "larger" range
  • To wear a beautiful pair of knee high boots I bought years ago and do them up
  • To be able to climb into the roof of our house (weird I know but I feel bad that hubby has to do it everytime)
  • To not be the largest person in the room most days.
  • To be able to only have one serving at a family dinner
  • To not be the fattest sibling

To loose 10 kilograms - done 22 October 2010

To loose 15 kilograms - done 10 December 2010

To loose 20 kilograms - done 28 January 2011

To loose 25 kilograms

To loose 30 kilograms

Mini Goal - 50% of excess weight
To loose 33 kilograms

To loose 35 kilograms

To loose 40 kilograms

To loose 45 kilograms

To loose 50 kilograms

To loose 55 kilograms

To loose 60 kilograms

To loose 65 kilograms

To be a NZ size 22 (US 20) - done 17 December 2010
To be a NZ size 20 (US 18)
To be a NZ size 18 (US 16)
To be a NZ size 16 (US 14)
To be a NZ size 14 (US 12)
To be a NZ size 12 (US 10)