My Journey

So how did I get here to the point of needing WLS?

To be honest until I was about 28 I was never more than overweight, in fact the worst I had gotten to was about 82 kilo's/180 pounds. Of course at that point I was horrified with myself and proceeded to join weight watchers and dropped to 73 kilo's/ 160 pounds (which pretty much was my normal weight area).

Unfortunately at that point I decided to go on the contraceptive injection, and in a year and a half I had gained 35 kilo's/77 pounds. This was despite going to the gym, walking to and from work and having a job which meant I was on my feet and walking all day.

Regrettably I also apparently had quite the mood swings, and it was only at the insistance of my partner at the time that I came off it. After the last shot I got, I noticed that my appetite went through the roof.

It wasnt that I was eating when I wasnt hungry - I was simply hungry all they time and doing exactly like they tell  you- only eat when you are hungry - which was all the time for me :(

Now I wish I could say I lost it all again, but I didnt. Best I managed was getting down to 93 kilo's/205 pounds and then proceeded to go travelling. This was when I met hubby and I d on't think I have been even close to that weight again. I was about 29 by this point.

I know that my families eating habits havent helped (most of our get togethers involve food) but they are hardly to blame either as there was also usually several walks, kayaking, swiming, flying fox, confidence course etc as well (my Dad managed a camp). I just like food, like everyone in my family (whenever the kids are born the joke is they usually arrive in time for a meal).

As time passed by, the more occasions where returning from a shopping trip meant bawling my eyes out.

The Dr suggested WLS again after a bout of light depression (I call it that as although I couldnt get out of bed, I live with someone with depression and it wasnt even close to his!). In fact the Dr was brutally honest which was good.

By this stage I had donated a kidney to my husband and they had said I would need to keep loosing the weight to keep my one kidney safe - which I hadnt managed to do. I had in fact been heading for a new high! 136 kilo's/299 pounds.

As I didnt have health insurance to cover it, luckily I could afford to save for it - and it only took about 10 months...