Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got control of my eating...by feeling sick to my stomach

This is a post I wrote two/three weeks ago.....finally feel able to post it.  Sorry I fell off the radar but it was too hard to write about stuff.

Well during the weekend I managed to get control of my eating, and as of today (Tues 5.00am) I am down to 122.6kg. I even managed to eat fish and chips on Sunday about 6.00pm, which was just as well as after 7.00pm I havent really felt like eating...

On Sunday, hubby and me went to visit the place my Dad lived for the last 10 years (he managed a camp ground) and it was a little hard emotionally as it has been two months since my Dad died, but it was so nice to be out there as it is incredibly peaceful. We spent a lot of time out there as a family.

Here we are at one of our Annual Easter Egg Hunt from a couple of years ago (They truly are more like a hike!)

So after we arrived home Sunday evening, we received a call with the news that hubby's friend had died.

Neither of us slept that night.  I cannot even fathom the pain for his family. He had been friends with hubby's family for so long, he even used to call hubby's mum on a regular basis. He was best man at our wedding and honestly I can't stop crying, a bad year for us.

We spent two weeks in the UK, attended hubby's friends funeral, visited my Dads family and despite all the eating out/over eating I came back about a kilo lighter.


Amanda said...

I am very sorry to hear about your friend! I am sure your emotions have been running all over the place! I wish I had some insightful words to share but in the end just know if you need someone to listen...then we are all here!

Outback Bandit said...

Im so sorry you have been going through such a rough time *hugs*