Thursday, November 4, 2010

The blimp has arrived....

I havent posted in a wee while probably because I have gained...and that was just too depressing.

I know it isnt huge and this is the first week on solids, and back at work...but the last few days I went from 122.6 up to 122.9 and then 123.1. And that is with an hour walking everyday, up a steep hill.

I do know that I seem to have no restriction and it takes heaps (comparatively) to get me full...and I have eaten too much in some meals.

But I am trying to really restrict the amount and make sure there is protein. I mean I am not just eating anything, soup and cream cheese for lunch, chicken wrap for dinner etc and I know it isnt my TOM as that was last week!

I don't get a fill until the 18th of November, that is just about 5 weeks after surgery. I think I might ring the clinic's dietician tomorrow if I go up again!


workinprogress said...

hang in there!!! They call it bandster hell for a reason :-)

But really - it may just be a bounce and you will be pleasantly surprised by a sudden drop.

Fingers crossed :)

Amanda said...

Ohh I've heard this is bandster hell time!! Good luck girl but don't worry to much!! I think most people go through this!!

Sarah G said...

Hang in there! It does get better!

Read said...

It definitely gets better. It helped me to look at other people's weight loss histories and you'd be surprised how many people showed gains in the first month or two after surgery. Eventually you'll find a good place and it won't be so hard!