Sunday, October 31, 2010

This weight loss thing is weird

OK, all last week all I lost was 1 kilo (it was very short Aunt Flow time) and then in the last two days I have lost 1.5 kilo's.

I know having my period can really stuff things up but loosing that much in two days is even odder as I am really starting my third week which with my Dr is soft normal foods.

So for example I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, fresh salmon chunks and fruit for lunch, chicken thigh and fruit for dinner. And I wasnt really hungry until not long before mealtime.

I am dreading Monday though as it is back to work and that is going to be difficult to manage. I know one place I can get lunch from, but otherwise it will have to be taken and I havent really thought about what that will be.

What do others eat for lunch?

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Sam said...

I always keep a supply of small cans of flavoured tuna and some crackers at work, that way if I don't take my lunch, or can't get out to a good place to buy it, I always have something on hand.