Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mmmmm scrambled eggs

I am so glad to be able to move on to mushies and just enjoyed scrambled eggs for lunch...nom nom

I spent this morning weeding the garden and tying stuff up and then came inside and watched hubby painting the hallway..and we still feel lazy cos the guy next door is building a new deck - and we know he will have finished it by the end of the weekend (he is incredibly motivated and builds something like this regularly)


Outback Bandit said...

Wow, you must be feeling good if you're out weeding the garden!

I cant wait for scrambled eggs :) I think I might start google-ing recipes for perfect scrambled eggs, lol.

Mo said...

We have raised garden beds so I just walk around them...I designed it that way as I have a bad knee which makes kneeling a pain.

Though at the times I was overweight and the thought of slogging through on my knees was ugh...