Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 8 of pre-op diet

Well woke up this morning to less coughing and flem, so looks like the cold is going.

And a nice surprise of a drop to 131.0 ( after two days of gains that was nice).

I realised that because I have a cold as well I just wasnt having enough water so yesterday I had 2.25 litres of water, plus many cups of tea, and some zero cokes. Funnily I was still thirsty when I went to bed so whenever I woke up I made sure I had a few sips of water as well.

I have also learnt:

  • zero coke taste terrible straight after eating vegetables
  • liquid optifast is great if really really cold - and you can hold out for it to cool down
  • optifast cappucino bars are icky (luckily my clinic lets you swop your supplies)
  • bacon smells really nice

But just in case I was feeling too much like it was all going the right direction when I rushed out this morning to drop off my voting papers (local elections) I jumped in the car and pulled my back...

I always have trouble after hubby drives - he has short legs so puts the chair really far forward. So if I get in after him I nearly always hurt my back grrr.

My revenge is he is plastering/painting the hallway. He realised last night when I made him take my pics that the hallway needed finishing (it is all stripped back and mostly plastered - he just has to finish off around the lights etc.)


The Babbling Bandit said...

Well done on the weightloss and sticking to the opti. Sorry to hear about your back though. Hope it gets better soon.


Amanda said...

HA HAAAA!!! Bacon smells nice!!

Something About Kellie said...

Your doing a great job! I'm so excited for you - Only a few days now. I will be thinking of you :)

Outback Bandit said...

Mmmm, bacon :)

Not long to go!