Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 3 post op..or is it 4?

Well it all went pretty smoothly, except the whole getting a cold again the day before the op!

I rang the surgeon the night before and he said just to come in and the anaethetist would make the call. So I as pretty nervous when I turned up as I was also having a bit of asthma too.

They ended up giving a nebuliser for the asthma and when checking my oxygen levels they came up as too low. So they bumped me a place in the list, so they could recheck. I think it was because she was taking my blood pressure, my oxygen levels, my temperature all at the same time and then I coughed hugely at that point!

Luckily when they checked it again about 30 minutes later it was fine, and they checked again on the way to surgery and it was fine too, but it made it really unsure right up to the surgery door!

Most of my pain seems to be where the band is, with some around the port when I stretch. Had a fair amount of gas and had a small amount of shoulder pain but that went pretty quickly, but it was easier than my other abdominal surgery.

So the first day was a breeze, unfortunately then you get to go home and for me all the pain killers (including panadol) seem to give me immediate and overwhelming nausea...which I have meds for, but am only allowed that four times a day...

I also had to go to after hours and get liquid antibiotics as I had the start of a chest infection - it isnt fun coughing up flem newly banded!

Dr there also gave me some codeine to try instead of panadol, but I am terrified  I am gonna end up nauseous, but I have to give it a go as I only have 8 tramadol left which is a days worth!

I am only just managing to get enough liquid down. I just feel out of it still, luckily hubby could work from home today. I am sure I will be better tomorrow. Now if I could just have my vitamins I would be completely on track.

I am a little nervous about taking my incision covers off tomorrow (as per instructions) I wasn nearly as nervous last time I had them off - probably cos we had lots of Dr's visits following the surgery, where as this you are pretty much left alone!


The Babbling Bandit said...

Congratulations on reaching the other side! Sounds like you've had a tough time of it though, with all the uncertainty leading up to surgery and then nausea and an oncoming chest infection.

Sounds like you're dealing with it all really well though. Hope you feel better soon. For me, day 7 post op was when everything really turned around and I started to feel somewhat normal again, at least relatively painfree.


Epiphany said...

Keep going, it's all worth it!

Something About Kellie said...

Congratulations!!!! I AM SO EXCITED for you .. and me (lol) I only have 4 weeks now. Can't wait.

Hope the cold goes away soon :( it must be awful being a bit unwell as well as surgery aftermath.

Mary H. said...

Congratulations! :) I hope you have gotten past your cold! That can't be fun :( At least you didn't have to postpone it. Happy Healing! :)

Amy W. said...

It's funny that when I remember the days right after surgery that I am like "Oh it was so pain"...but then I go back and read my blog and I was whining and complaining. How quickly we forget!

I totally wanted to pull the tape off of my incisions too!