Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why so much stressiness?

Well it's day 5 of pre op diet, apart from two tiny bits of cheese I am pretty much sticking too it. But it definately has slowed down yesterday.

(the cat's pills had to be hidden in cheese hence the reason I was even near it)

This may be because I was off sick and did no moving really at all.

You see I caught a chill on Friday night....unfortunately I now need to call the clinic and find out what I do.

Now normally a chill ends in me on antibiotics for at least a week if not two, (after developing a nasty chest and ear infection), followed sometimes a nebuliser and much ventolin. Not a great pre surgery plan!

But I decided to see my homeopath and got treatment that seems to have really pulled back the scale of the problem. Oh yeah and I took care of myself, keeping warm etc. And today I woke up coughing up only a little flem and snotty, but definately not how I usually am with this thing.

What's the problem I hear you ask?

Well I realised the instructions said to stop taking ALL alternative treatments two weeks before surgery. Ack I have a feeling they are gonna want to postpone.

Oh and I have to take the cat to the vet, he suffers from stress and this causes him to get blocked....poor boy, unfortunately I didnt seem to start his medication early enough to stop it this time so vet time it is.


workinprogress said...

All my fingers and toes crossed for you that this doesn't upset your plans!!!

Good luck - hope you are on the mend soon :-)

Jenny said...

I know its hard, but don't be afraid to talk to you doc. If they do postpone its for your benefit not theirs. You don't want anything to jepordize the success of the surgery.

Now, with that said I would be freaked out too. Good luck!

Sam said...

Good Luck, hope you feel better soon. If your doc does postpone due to your chill, I hope it is not for too long.