Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two days to go..getting excited!

Spoke to the anesthetist tonight. She gave me advice about my asthma (it's been flaring up) and answered some other questions I had.

She said compared to kidney donation I will fly through it. Great to know, cos the donation thing I was 25 kilo's lighter and three years younger.

My weight is coming down slowly and my clothes are getting looser.

On another subject entirely - hubby went to the vet to pick up cat food...and spotted a cat that needs a new home.

I was surprised he didnt arrive home with her  but suspect she may soon have a new home (just call me soft touch). Despite the fact that we shouldnt as we still want to go overseas :) She looks exactly like our other cat and her name is MoMo ( my name)


Mary H. said...

If I could, I know I'd end up with a whole heap of cats. I just love 'em. I have two, but that is all we are allowed in our townhouse.

Jenny said...

Its coming soon!

Outback Bandit said...

All the best for tomorrow. Hope it all goes smoothly.