Friday, February 4, 2011

Fill number 3...take two

Can't beleive it's been two weeks since I last posted.

I have been flat tack with work, we moved offices (and agency), and so it is like all the team are starting a new job and no one knows what is going on. On the plus side all the stress seems to have completely dropped off since Tuesday. And while I have had some slow moving food episodes there were no stuck or sliming.

So today I went to get my fill and on weighing myself today, I had gone back up since last week. Infact in two weeks I have lost 0.1 kilograms (0.2 lbs).  But even though I was getting stuck all the time, my portions had gotten quite big and I never seemed to be full.

So she gave me a 0.4 fill and it seems pretty much a good amount.

After my fill I felt much better, I ate a biscuit for pre lunch, then about 2.00pm I had about half a vegetable quiche. For dinner it was some salami, some choc cake (hey I deserved it!) and an iceblock. And yeah my portions were so small.

But having said that my exercise has been atrocious, not helped by the fact that I am no longer in the building with my walking buddies, in fact I am now several blocks from them and that is a little depressing. But I have to find my motivation and keep going, next week is a new week and I will just have to fit in my walks.

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Amanda said...

good to hear from you yesterday!

What's an iceblock?

You will find a way to get your exercise in.

So what foods are slow moving for you!? It seems like everyone is so different!