Monday, February 14, 2011

Wow what a difference a few days makes...

I never quite made it for an unfill, technical issues at work, it would have helped if I had a working phone!

Anyway so the weekend rolls round, I am being super cautious cos although I ate well on Thursday (I was bad and had chinese, but it comes with lots of soft meats and sauces) I was still pretty tight over the weekend. Now others had asked if maybe Iwas tight cos it was my TOM, but that wasnt due until about the 18th...well what do you know it arrived on the afternoon of the12th (Sat), which explains in part why I was so tight last week!

Of course I tried to eat half a scone yesterday morning (Sunday)...luckily I ate very slowly and it was only the last mouthful that was difficult.

But today I had yoghurt with protein powder added for breakfast, and I was full for ages, I had forgotten what it was like to stay full that long. And I was super bad and had chinese again...I think that was enough, have kind of gone off it now. But I can eat again! I mean I am still being super careful and I think bread in any large portions is off the menu now, goodbye Subway!

But on the plus side I weighed in this morning at 114.8 (approx 253 lbs).....wohoo. I always loose weight at the start of my TOM.


Amanda said...

So glad you are able to eat again and so glad it was solved before you actually when for an unfill! I think scones are off my menu for ever now. It just gums up for me!

Shannon said...

I am so glad you can eat again. I wish I had the kind of restriction were I was full longer.