Thursday, February 10, 2011 I too tight?

I had a fill last Friday of 0.4, since then I have stuck and slimed three times.

First I think was on Sunday, no biggy, eventually went down with lots of sliming (can't remember what it was).

Then on Tuesday I had some pork minute steaks which were obviously too dry, even though I had sauce with it and cut it tiny and chewed, chewed, chewed, I got a little slimy and bought up a timy bit of the last of it.

Yesterday I had my normal yoghurt and cereal for breakfast, ate about half (and it was a little painful going down). For lunch I got a 6" sub, ate about half (mostly just the insides - I know! I shouldnt be eating the bread but the wrap just wasnt calling me).

And so for dinner I thought I would play it safe and have scrambled eggs, cos who gets stuck/vomits on scrambled eggs?

Oh right, that would be me....


Am I just not paying attention enough?

Because I only seem to get stuck in the evening (which is lucky cos last night was a three hour effort). I do try to concentrate on chewing and small bites but less so in the evening. And ok I eat on the couch, but I always have, I try not to have the tv on, but the couch is comfortable and you can sit up and eat.

Now the scales are feeling the love, I am two kilo's (4.4lb) down from Friday's weigh in, and I arent really hungry much, but this getting stuck is getting to be a pain.

I am considering getting an unfill, at least partially cos not even enjoying the little bit I am eating, which isnt a great way to live. Or should I just wait for it to settle down a bit more?


Alison said...

Does sound like you could be a little tight but you could just be irritated from the pork, might be worth just trying to do liquids like soup, yoghurt and shakes for a while to see if its just swelling.
I can't eat scrambled eggs at all, its too rubbery for me to chew properly and causes me a real problem.

All That Razzberry (Outback Bandit) said...

I agree, it might be worth doing 24 hours of liquids to let things calm, then give it another go.

Then chew, chew, chew and take it slow, and maybe you will be ok.

Read said...

There are different foods that I have been able to eat or NOT able to eat at different levels. And scrambled eggs are definitely one of the ones I've had trouble with - so you're definitely not alone there.

I too would suggest going with liquids for a day or so to let your body deal with getting sick. I know when I have an episode where I've gotten sick several times (Like your 3 hour episode) I am WAY way way swollen and will then get stuck on absolutely everything the next day. I know now to just avoid eating for a day and I'm usually okay if I ease into it on the second day with really easy stuff for me (which I truly believe is different for everyone) like cottage cheese, or yogurt (though sometimes yogurt is even a bit hard for me.

Good luck

Kajun Gumbo (Dee) said...

I agree with the first 2 bloggers, after getting stuck your probably irritated. Go with liquids a day or two, then mushies to give yourself time to heal.

Blossom said...

Hard to say, as mentioned maybe try eating really slow; you have to get used to the new restriction!